Sunday, February 25, 2007

Movie I

This is movie created by me using a simple Web cam and a sound editing software, more to follow.


syed said...

could you please tell me what happened to the movie thenafrikavill raju.

dglsridhar said...

dear syed..
thanks for asking this question. After graand success of "ulagam sutrrum..." MGR started this picture with same unit, he first asked "Idhayam pesukirathu" Manian to go first to South Africa and see the location for the film, but the result was not fruitful.
On those days there was a ban on South Africa because of racial problems, and production costs were very high,so MGR thought to shoot the picture in Sri Lanka.
After 1975 there was a change in political sinario in Tamil Nadu, Emergency was declared, and MGR was forced to take politics very seriously and in 1977 he became the CM of Tn, so the film was totally dropped.
Once again in 1980 after MGR's ministry was dissolved by the then prime minister Indira..MGR started this film once again,but this time with Ilayaraja as Musician, there was huge talk that MGR was going to use this film as political campain, but MGR became CM for the 2nd time winning the genral election,and the film was totally dropped.
After the death of MGR the story of the film came as a novel in "Idayam pesukirathu" weekly. There was also talks went in 1993 that Vijayakanth is going to try this film..but this film never saw the screen.

dglsridhar said...

Dear Syed...
You have given a wrong title,its not thenafricavil raju..its "Kizakkafricavil Raju". While answering your question I got a news that Vijayakant is going to produce and direct this film after his "Viruthagiri" letz see what happens!!!
friendly yours